Tanner Lounge

O7T10067BL - Blue and O7T10067OR - Orange

Bask in the sun on the ultimate air-cushion bed of the  Tanner Lounger. Your entire body is evenly supported in  comfort from the contoured pillow to the footrest. The at reach  beverage holder keeps your favorite beverage cool. Lock &  Dock™ carabiners attach to floats or docks. Easily inflate  and deflate with DuoLock™ Inflation Valve.

  • Ultimate air-cushion bed with beverage holder

  • Heavy-duty gauge vinyl, inflated 74” x 30” (188 x 76 cm)

  • Evenly supports your entire body

  • Lock & Dock™ carabiners attach to floats and docks

  • Easily inflates/deflates with DuoLock™ Inflation System

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