Minty Racer Sno-Tube

PST4149 – Peppermint Fresh

Go downhill on a sweet ride! Our minty fresh Racer Sno-Tube brightens the day in a fresh, peppermint candy inflatable. This single-rider snow tube features two sturdy handles, cold/crack-resistant durable construction for added safety, and a Duolock™ valve to inflate and deflate easily.

  • 1 person snow tube in Minty Fresh! 

  • 32” (81 cm) inflated diameter

  • Cold/crack-resistant durable construction for safety

  • Clear top and graphics create a 3D view!

  • Two oversized, sturdy handles

  • Duolock™ valve to inflate and deflate easily

  • Maximum weight capacity is 170 lbs.

  • Recommended ages 4 and up

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