Luxury Water Recliner 

AQL4029AM  - Antigua and AQL4029AM - Batik

Relax over the water in luxury. Recliner features ergonomic headrest with quick drying fabric. Oversized tubing evenly supports your body, and supportive Coolweave™ mesh seat and leg rest keep you cool at the water’s surface. Stay cooler with your favorite beverage nestled in the drink holder. Easily inflate and deflate with DuoLock™ Inflation system.

  • Ergonomic head rest and beverage holder

  • Oversized tubing evenly supports your body

  • Luxurious Coolweave™ maximizes cooling comfort

  • Rapidly inflates and deflates with Doulock™

  • Wire-free design for comfort and easy storage 

  • 56” x 36” (142cm x 91cm)

  • Ages 15 and up/Weight capacity 275 lbs.

Available Online:

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