About Us

Relax. Discover. Play.™ 


We support life's enjoyable moments! (and love it)


With nearly fifty years of experience in recreation and sport, we believe our wide range of products will inspire your definition of fun; whether it’s relaxing, swimming, learning, or playing.


We are a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative consumer goods in the recreation, sport and toy industries. Our brands are sold at retailers across the U.S. and internationally, both in-store and online. Our headquarters are south of Boston with satellite offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.


For more information about us, our products, and promotions; visit our various social media pages.

Relax & Play

Get out and splash! No matter what age you are—water brings out the kid in all of us.

Our line of lounges, inflatable floats, and toys has something for everyone under the sun.

Swim Confidence

Paddle and Kick! Just like our first steps, our first moments in the water begin with paddling and kicking. Supporting parents in sharing the joys of water with their children is where it all begins.

Swim & Dive

Whether it was goggles or a mask, we never forget those first moments we “looked” under water. Protecting your eyes is our business when you’re competing, training, or splashing!

Snow & Home Décor

The great outdoors is our playground! We make the snow fun when you’re heading down the hill or impressing the neighbors with your festive style.

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